About Us

Moledro (Mo-led-ro) was founded by a former city lawyer and business consultant (James) and an aspiring singer songwriter turned award-winning digital marketer and digital content specialist (Chris).

It all started over a few beers on a Central American beach (the one you’re looking at right now) with a simple idea. To create a digital agency that combined the best of the very different backgrounds of its founders. The professionalism and business savvy of the UK’s world-leading professional services sector with the creativity and energy of its similarly world-leading entertainment industry.

This simple idea was teamed with a simple mission. To work seamlessly with organisations and the people who lead them to build great brands through great digital content. Content that forges a meaningful connection between brands and the audiences they want to reach.

This mission is reflected in our name which means a feeling of connection with someone you may never meet. Like reading a book from an author from a different time and place. Or following a mountain trail laid out by a fellow traveler whose name you’ll never know.

That is what we believe digital, done well, should do. Create a sense of personal connection between you and your audience without you having to meet them all personally.