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‘Building a community of collective creativity’


Live art’ or ‘performance art’ is where an artist creates a piece of art in front of an audience. This experience gives the viewers some insight into the mind of an artist at work, which is not only exciting but thought provoking.


StreetFest sprouted out of Juno bar, Shoreditch back in 2008.


Seeing the creative ‘spark’ that collectives such as Kingdom magazine, Matsuri, Lovenskate, Secret Wars, VnA Magazine generated in their events inspired Bayo Alaba (StreetFest founder) to such an extent, that he knew he had to help bring these dynamic sub genre forces together into one venue to see what could be created. It was the natural thing to do.


The StreetFest concept and ethos is one of unstoppable audience participation and stimulation. The array of UK and International collectives of painters, singers, dancers, riders, designers, illustrators, skaters and writers live to express themselves at StreetFest events through live demos, screenings and shows.


The StreetFest team of truly dedicated and inspirational project managers have programmed in car parks, garages, galleries, closed off roads, used car pounds, set up in warehouses and produced on disused and derelict wharfs over the years. 2018 sees the StreetFest movement return after a group hiatus to the East end of London to celebrate 10 years of ‘keeping it real’.


As always, festival goers not only see live art but create it themselves by representing and supporting the only event of this kind, encompassing everything creative, through all forms of street culture.